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Smaller items of machinery that can easily be concealed inside large panel vans are the items being targeted. We must all remain alert to this fact and do all we can to minimise the risk of theft. Prevention is the key. Stop it from being stolen in the irst place. Secure it properly, remove and lock the keys away when not in use. Ensure the machine is protected by CESAR.
PANIU continues to engage with law enforcement across the UK and takes every opportunity possible to encourage and support them when they come into contact with construction & agricultural machinery. The CITS conference held at JCB World Headquarters Rochester Stafordshire in November was a good example of this engagement. Around 100 oicers and police staf attended the event the vast majority of whom had not had any previous contact with PANIU. I am sure many if not all of them will have taken away positive thoughts and ideas from attending the day.
Please email PANIU with your success stories we like to hear about them. We want to share “Good News”. Pictures speak a thousand words as they say so send a few of those as well.
Caroline Clooney
Detective Inspector
Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) Organised Vehicle Crime Unit
Metropolitan Police Service
PANIU 2016 - Issue 1

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