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Welcome to our latest PANIU quarterly report.
There is some really good work being done around the country in the fight against organised vehicle crime and particularly for, the theft of agricultural and construction machinery.
Our aim has always been to reduce machinery theft across the whole of the UK. A small dedicated team cannot achieve this alone. Working with our industry partners we have made significant inroads into reducing overall machinery theft.
Perhaps the single most successful achievement to date has been to introduce the Thatcham group security rating for machinery. Unique ignition key, coupled with immobiliser technology has become common place on many machines. It is now very rare for PANIU to be notified of a theft where a Thatcham 3* rated machine has been stolen.
Based on the current statistics available it is apparent that the criminal networks have moved away from targeting high value large machines. (That’s not to say they are no longer being stolen, rather that very few are stolen relative to 2010 data).They have become much harder to steal. The “One Key Fits All” no longer applies to the high value machinery now being manufactured. Many of the top end products have telematics fitted as standard which of course further discourages theft. Most of the manufacturers are fitting CESAR as standard or offering it as an option. Most of the insurers specialising in the construction and agricultural arena acknowledge the benefits of CESAR and the Thatcham security rating system, to the extent that they offer discounts on premium and other incentives where a Thatcham 3* rating is achieved.
Unique Key ≈ Immobiliser ≈ CESAR
The negative effect of this increased security on the big ticket products is that PANIU is seeing steady increases in the theft of smaller items. Tandem rollers, dumper trucks and the mini excavator remain popular to the criminal networks. The mini excavator continues to be the most stolen type of machine but their overall theft has fallen by over 50%. On the agricultural side of our business ride on lawn mowers, quad bikes, utility trucks and livestock trailers are the items most targeted.
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