Datatag Motorcycle Identification Guide

Today, unfortunately, theft is a sad fact of life. And often it's difficult for the Police to identify stolen property, vehicles or machinery simply because the original serial numbers and manufacturers identifying marks have been removed, changed or damaged, thus making it impossible to prove theft or ensure the safe return of property to the rightful owner. In such cases the thief often gets away with the crime and unbelievably can even get to keep the goods!

And theft is an issue which does not look like it is going away. As bikes become more and more expensive they become more and more attractive to thieves. Easy to pick up and put in the back of a van bikes offer criminals quick and easy revenue. So much so that approximately 25,000 motorcycles are stolen each year* in the UK and the majority of them are less than 3 years old. These are often stripped and rebuilt around genuine frames and as such recovery rates are low with the Police unable to prove ownership beyond doubt.
*based on published figures by the PNC and ISR statistics

This motorcycle handbook has been created to help police officers and law enforcement agencies easily locate the correct VIN / identification and chassis numbers on the UK's 15 most stolen motorcycles.

This handbook provides information on:

  • Generic model names
  • Manufacturers model range and usual OEM colour for the manufacturer
  • Manufacturers contact information

Motorcycle stolen equipment database can be accessed by Police by calling Datatag on +44 (0)3 450 700 440 24 hours a day!

Email to request the guide.

Motorcycle Guide


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