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Chairman’s Message
Dear Friends,
The 2014 IAMI Europe conference came and went like a wild storm, this year saw some amazing training sessions from Maritime professionals from across the globe.
Without the support and help from the Tallinn Police we would not have been able to pull off such an amazing conference, the Chief who attended had nothing but praise for IAMI, so much so that after the Gala Dinner he joined us on the town and showed us some of the local beers and sights.
This year we saw delegates from more countries than ever before, lots of new conference attendees and plenty of new members as well as some amazing support.
Sirje Lubi from Lars Krogius Baltic in Tallinn supported IAMI throughout the year leading up to the conference and
she and her team of surveyors made such a conference possible, she is an amazing woman and i am very proud to have been able to get to know her.
One of our Speakers Dave Foster was joined by Nina Heiska Product manager at Nordic Geo Center Ltd Finland, Nina traveled across to us and brought the very expensive piece of Laser 3D scanning camera equipment which facilitated our outside practical which appealed to the police and surveyors; clearly a tool that can be used in crime scenes but also in the public sector for Surveys and such like.
We have ire investigations that were carried out despite the poor weather condition on the day, C.I.N 101, a prosecutor from Lithuania, Insurance fraud from the USA with our very own Shelley Lair, Eastern European crime groups, Super Yacht recovery, Surveyor tools, Forensic Photography, Behaviours, Interpol and much much more.
Our very own CMI Committee member and steering member Dr Yusuf Civelekoglu along with Shelley stayed after hours proctoring the CMI Exam for Matthias Boehmen; we were all very proud to announce at the Gala dinner that Matthias past his CMI and was the latest in a whole line of European CMI’s.
So we closed down with a gala dinner at the Pepper Sack Medieval restaurant, dinner was lovely apart from a small interuption from two men ighting with swords over a busty wench!.
So Christmas came and went and the Steering committee Tommy Hansen from Denmark, Carina Birking from Sweden, Dr Yusuf Civelekoglu from Turkey and Paul Bassham from the UK joined me in London at the Boat show in January to plan the 2015 18th European IAMI Conference.
We received overwhelming feedback from last year and some great requests for training, currently we have put a provisional agenda together and now all it needs is for the Steering committee to get out there and ind the trainers from across the globe to bring you what you want.
We will release when and where it will be very soon.
Finally and most importantly i want to take my hat off to our fantastic sponsors, without their inancial support we would not be able to bring you conferences at such a low cost so thanks to Krogius & Secur Mark and to Datatag to keep your Magazine going.
Well thats all from me, if anyone ever needs to contact me or any of the steering committee in Europe you can get hold of me at anytime.
I hope to see some of you in Mobile USA. All the best,
Simon Lofting
IAMI Europe Chairman.
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