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The Bayliner “Paper Boat” Case
(Sweden, July 2014)
“Paper boat” is an expression for when you insure a non-existent boat on the basis of fake documentation. The hull number or engine number may be invented or taken from another boat or engine. The boat is later reported stolen with the aim to collect the insurance claim.
21 July 2014
An investigator from the insurance company “If” contacted Larmtjänst regarding the insurance claim for a stolen Bayliner. The investigator thought that several facts were strange and asked if I could check the actual hull and engine numbers.
The investigator provided the following information: Kungsbacka, 5 April 2014, Bayliner 652, model year 2009, hull number US-HA28LLH809, engine number OW360640, value SEK 240,000.
The policyholder allegedly bought the boat on the 5 April 2014 for SEK 240,000 despite having a debt of SEK 1,000.000 registered with the Enforcement Authority. The seller had emigrated from Sweden to an unknown country.
The boat had been registered on 23 June 2014 in Larmtjänst’s register for stolen boats with the hull number USHA28LLH809 and crime date 11 June - 22 June 2014.
22 July 2014
Since my contact at Brunswick was on leave, I contacted the IAMI member Matthias Mink to ask whether he could check the engine number and if he could ind any information about the boat. Matthias Mink came back to me on the same day with information from both Brunswick and Bayliner. The engine number belonged to a Mercruiser 4.3 L Bravo, model year 1998. The engine had been attached to a Sportcraft model year 1997, originally shipped to Florida.
Bayliner informed that the hull number US USHA28LLH809 was correct: Bayliner 652 Cuddy with engine number 1A332056.
24 July 2014
Brunswick Sweden informed me that this actual boat with engine had been delivered to a company named Barrus in England.
I contacted Barrus in England and got the contact information to the irst owner, Mr. Watson in England.
25 July 2014
I contacted the IAMI member Peter Smith at PJS Associates in England and asked whether he could contact Mr. Watson to ask if he was still the owner of the boat.
28 July 2014
Peter Smith informed me that he had talked to Mr. Watson who conirmed that he had owned the boat but that he had sold it in 2012 through a boat broker in England. The boat had supposedly been sold to a person in Germany.
All information was presented to the investigator at the insurance company for further investigation.
The investigator sent several letters to the policyholder to require more information about the purchase of the boat.
3 September 2014
The insurance company informed me that case had been closed since the policyholder did not provide the requested documents.
Compensation has been denied, and no money will be paid. The policyholder has not appealed this decision.
Thanks to the IAMI network I was able to assist a local investigator at the insurance company with key information that made it possible to deny the insurance claim.
Stockholm 2014-10-17 Carina Birking/Larmtjänst
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