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Instructor Training Program Requirements
Pat Rowland
In September 2012, the IAMI Board of Directors established that all IAMI Instructors must be either:
• An IAMI Certified Marine Investigator (CMI)
• An IAMI Board approved ‘Subject Matter Expert’ within a specific field
Whether you are or have been an IAMI Instructor in the past or want to become one for the first time, the following requirements must be met:
• Two consecutive years of IAMI Membership
• Certified Marine Investigator, or Subject Matter Expert
• Complete, submit new IAMI Instructor Application, Revised October 2012
• Provide current resume with list of courses taught within the last two years
• Be available to travel within the assigned region
In the absence of having attained IAMI Certified Marine Investigator status, an applicant may apply to the IAMI Board of Directors for a waiver as a ‘Subject Matter Expert’ within a specific field. Documentation of experience and expertise within a specific field must be provided for review by the Board. The Board may grant the application waiver upon a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote. Once granted, the non- CMI Instructor’s scope will be limited to their area of expertise within a specified subject. The IAMI Certified Instructor Program is addressed in Chapter 12 of the revised (02-23-14) IAMI SOPs.
An individual’s Certified Instructor status is effective as long as the member maintains their IAMI membership in good standing; fulfills their CMI requirements and submits the Instructor Training Record as completed during the calendar year or no later than December 31st.
fffIAMI Instructor Forms
Go to
Place cursor on the ‘Conferences and Training’, and then click on the ‘Certified Instructor’ tab.
PDF Files
• Instructor Application
• Instructor Database Form
• Instructor Training Record Form
IAMI Instructors as of August 2014
• 23 CMI Instructors
• 1 CMI Instructor Pending
• 4 Subject Matter Expert
Point of Contact:
Pat Rowland
IAMI Instructor Program 711 Medford Center #419 Medford, Oregon 97504 Email:
Secretary / Treasurer Report
Secretary Report - 2014 IAMI’s Annual Business Meeting Minutes of February 26, 2014 (OKC) were posted on IAMI’s website on March 28, 2014
Treasurer Report - At the request of IAMI Members the following documents have been posted on the Members Only section of IAMI’s website under Financial Documents:
• 501 (c)(3) Tax Documents (IRS- 990) for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.
• Financial Reports for March, April, May, June, and July 2014.
• FY-13/14 Operating Budget Report
• FY-14/15 Approved Operating Budget
REMEMBER: IAMI is your organization and will only continue to grow and strengthen in the years ahead through your commitment to the organization. We encourage all members to participate in committees and to consider running for an IAMI Office.

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