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Chairman’s Message
Dear Friends,
The 17th IAMI European conference is here and set to be a big one!
We have more delegates from across various European countries than ever before, our colleagues from across the Baltics are joining us in large numbers.
If this magazine comes out before the conference I wish you all a wonderful conference and if it’s after I hope you are all talking about how good it was!.
I want to personally thank continual sponsor Datatag, without their help throughout the year we would not be able to bring you this wonderful magazine; Datatag is a pivotal cog in the running of IAMI Europe.
I especially want to thank Secure Mark & Lars Krogius Estonia who are our Silver sponsors for the event and again without their generous contributions we would not be able to fund such good speakers and lay on such a lavish Gala event.
To the Delegates without all of us we wouldn’t not be able to offer the worldwide assistance and expertise we give to each other on a daily basis across the Globe.
To your Steering committee without those willing volunteers we would not be able to produce such professional training conferences year after year; I stand by my word that IAMI is the only organisation in the World that offer such varied up to date training in all areas of Maritime, I don’t believe this kind of training can be found anywhere else across the world.
So with Christmas looming the Steering committee will now resume in their planning for the 2015 18th IAMI Annual conference, we will let you know in good time where and when it will be but as always we will aim to produce a highly professional conference with topics and training based purely from your feedback forms, so make sure those conference forms are completed.
Extra special thanks to the many contacts in the Tallinn Police who have agreed and supported the organisation of our conference.
Finally but by no means least the amazing help from the start and throughout by Sirje Lubi of Krogius Estonia Tallinn, Sirje has been amazing help from organising initial meetings to logistics and general assistance, I have taken up so much of her time this year for which I am personally grateful
Don’t forget to utilise your IAMI website and stay in touch with the IAMI Steering committee for anything you may need at
For now I wish you a happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.
Best regards,
Simon Lofting - IAMI Europe Chairman.
From the Desk of the First Vice President Greetings, IAMI Members.
As we are now deep into the fall, with the busy summer season behind us, it’s time for a general update on how things are going in your organization.
If you have not yet had an opportunity, please visit the Members Only section of the IAMI website. You will see all up to date inancial reports, and how the organization fared to budget for the 2014 Fiscal Year.
Internationally, I wish the European Steering Committee good luck at their Tallin conference. I wish all members who are attending safe travels, and I regret that work commitments will not allow me to attend in person.
Your Law Enforcement and Insurance Committees will be actively marketing our 2015 Annual Training Seminar in Mobile, AL as we head into the “slow” season for our industry. I hope each of you can schedule time to join us for our 25th anniversary conference. Speaking of, our training agenda is taking shape and will be published in a few months. We will have topics and speakers that will interest all members, and it will be an entertaining conference.
Into 2016, we have a handful of cities vying to host, and we hope to have things inalized by the end of the year. We also have a group of State Agencies both West and South looking to host regional training in the next 18 months, so please stay tuned for those announcements.
Should you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out and contact me at: or
Kerry C. McCook, CMI - First Vice President
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