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President’s Message
Greeting to all IAMI members
It is with regret that I will not be able to attend the Tallinn, Estonia training conference. This decision was made after careful consideration with my Board of Directors regarding the finances of IAMI. As you are aware we have had some challenging budgets the past couple of years. In 2011 and 2012, we suffered significant losses totaling almost $30,000.00. As a result in 2013, we had to make some very difficult decisions regarding our budget. Travel to IAATI, NASBLA and other conferences here in the US were cut from the budget. Overseas travel was cut as well. IAMI spending in general was reduced in an effort
to save as much money as possible. We have not been able to send a President or any other Board member to other conferences here or aboard since Past President Pragman attended IAATI, and Ireland in 2012. I am happy to say that we are on the road to recovering, but we are still trying to fund an emergency account that will give us some security in the event of another downturn in the economy.
I sincerely hope we will be in a position to resume travel in 2015, and be able to attend those conferences that support IAMI’s mission. I feel it is very important for the President to attend your annual training conference and hope that we can once again do so in the future.
Lt. Wayne Skrdla President IAMI
our members
Thanks for you continued support ff

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