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Chairman’s Message
Dear members and friends, it is with great sadness that I need to inform you of the passing of Lars Basboll Larsen from Denmark.
Lars as many of you know had a smile for everyone, he gave a great deal of time to IAMI over the years and I personally learnt a lot from him during his time on the steering committee.
Lars you will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with his family and lovely wife Anina. Please read the supporting letter later on in the magazine.
In March I attended the USA Confernece in Mobile Alabama, it was really good knowing that I had the support of International Director Carina Birking, IAMI EU Auditor Peter Smith and Tim Jorgensen who also headed across the pond for the conference.
The conference was a busy few days and some good learning for everyone, it was great to meet some familiar faces but also many new ones.
As a classic example of how IAMI works, I was approached on my way into the conference room by Lt Jimmy Lawrence from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks.
Lt Lawrence came over and introduced himself for the irst time, he stated he had a British registered sailing vessel with a SSR number and wondered if I knew anything about the vessel.
A small world it certainly is! The vessel related to a Missing person incident I actually dealt with back in 2011!!!, back then I utilised “Fraud Fighters” at the request of assistance by the Missing person bureau because they were concerned for the safety of the missing subject.
Numerous emails from “Fraud ighters” assisted UK authorities back in 2011 in locating and tracking the subject who had disappeared in his yacht.
The missing person enquiry came to a happy ending in 2011 but we never knew what happened to the vessel.
It now seems via Lt Lawrence that the male had actually made it across to the USA from the UK.
Unbelievable that this is a case I dealt with and that 4 years later this is the irst time Lt Lawrence and myself had ever had contact; classic IAMI at its best I’m sure you will agree.
So the “Baltic Pirates” (as you can see below AKA) your European Steering committee have been working hard as always, we are happy to conirm the European 18th Conference will be in Riga between 18th-20th October 2015 inclusive.
We have lined up some fantastic professional in an amazing coastal location.
We have good communications with the Riga Police force and Border Guard.
Air transport to Riga seems very good and the location from the airport to hotel is only 15 minutes.
Please distribute the brochure and application forms far and wide and please remember we really need to enlist the support of Sponsors and Exhibitors.
For now it just leaves me to wish you all an amazing and safe summer and your steering committee look
forward to seeing you all in October in Riga.
All the best,
Simon Lofting
IAMI Europe Chairman.
“I feel I must add and inform our members that Carina and myself brought to the attention of the IAMI Board of Directors International various and lengthy areas of concern as expressed by EU members over the course of the last couple of years. I compiled a report on behalf of IAMI Eu members and read this aloud in front of all present at the Mobile Alabama Business meeting.
I urge you all to go to the members only section of the website and read in full the following document which we thought long and hard about compiling:
The Art of Identiiication | 00 44 (0) 8 450 700 440

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