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President’s Message
Dear Members
I want to thank each of you for being a member of IAMI. As summer approaches, we will all be getting busier. As you work new cases and face new challenges, remember to use the resources available to you as a member of IAMI.
I would like to thank Major Kara Rose and Lieutenant James Cunningham of the Mobile Police Department for their excellent hospitality and for all their hard work hosting the 25th Annual Training Seminar. I hope everyone enjoyed their stay in Mobile.
IAMI’s core is the training we provide, and from the comments I heard, the training was excellent. The weather was a little gloomy at times but we worked through it. Through networking, we saw old friends and made new ones. The contacts you make at these conferences are an invaluable asset.
Director Scotty Croasdale did an exceptional job securing a wide variety of vendors, an all-time record number I might add, for our conference. I hope that each of you had an opportunity to visit with those vendors and view their newest products.
Law enforcement has been my home for 39 years and IAMI’s training has helped me combat marine theft for the 20 years I have been a member. I am honored to have been re-elected as President of IAMI and I am looking forward to serving the membership of IAMI another year. As I have stated before, and from my experience there will come a time in an investigation where you will call an IAMI member for help, or that person will call you. This happens because of networking at our seminars. IAMI has come a long way and I hope that you are as proud as I am to be a part of it.
I believe that IAMI’s most important strength is its membership. For our organization to grow, we must acknowledge the needs and requirements of our members. IAMI is still one of the best kept secrets in our industry. There are still many police departments, insurance agencies and other private sector groups throughout the world who do not know that IAMI exists. My board of directors have worked very hard to continue the mission of IAMI and I commended for their efforts.
In closing; IAMI membership is a privilege. I want to thank each of you for giving me the opportunity to give something back to this organization. I look forward to seeing each of you in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2016.
OTOM - One Team One Mission
our members
ffffThanks for you continued support
fLt. Wayne Skrdla - President IAMI ff

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