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Therefor is working on a system to make yacht recycling viable for the current leet of EOLC. says. “Many steps have been taken but al lot of challenges are still there. Not only in the solutions of recycling EOL glass ibre reinforced polymers but also transportation of EOL craft. We already downsized the cost of recycling GRP craft with 40%.“ So costs are reduced but still money has to be paid to get rid of EOLC. Jacht-recycling. com says that; ”steel and aluminium boats can be dismantled and recycled and in many cases the disposer will get paid for offering his craft for demolition. GRP craft however is the big challenge. Especially GRP EOLC because of antifouling, sandwich laminates and other different materials laminated in the GRP.
Technically it is possible but the process is costly and the inal products of recycling are cheap.”
Recapitulate: the number of EOLC is decreasing. Dismantling and recycling EOLC especially GRP craft does cost money. Money that, most of the latest owners of EOLC craft don’t have. Result is that EOLC are abandoned and marina’s and governments are left with the EOLC. To solve the problem for the future yacht design must look at this problem and take action as soon as possible. For the current leet of EOLC there must be made a plan for funding.
EOLC can no longer be ignored and action must be taken for viable and durable Yacht recycling.
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