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CyberCrime A National Policing spokesman has stated:
“The fall in the crime rate over the past decade is misleading.
The crime rate is not falling, it is migrating to the internet!”
The impact of cyber & cyber enabled crime is at the forefront of media attention in todays society. Social media, games devices, email and virtual worlds have exploded in popularity and the means by which people communicate and interact has changed beyond all recognition since the progression from fixed line telephony and ‘snail mail’.
In the area of ‘Internetshire’ there are no physical boundaries. Some people will go to great lengths to protect their anonymity on line particularly when it comes to committing crime but invariably they will ‘slip up’ – often by utilising a username or email address on social media or on a buying and selling site. They may have ‘named’ the device they are using. These ‘errors’ present the investigator or researcher with the opportunity to glean more information about the individual.
The days (and nights) of physical surveillance should now be a thing of the past. Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Fraud Investigators, employers and even private individuals can save valuable time, money and resources by carrying out effective interrogation of *Open Sources of information on the internet to trace and monitor subjects.
In my experience as an investigator, I have traced and captured evidence through *Open Source in numerous investigations including, paedophiles, rapists, stolen property & trolls and built lifestyle profiles on suspects. As a private individual, I have identified persons responsible for sending phishing emails relating to my personal bank and PayPal accounts.
Any person who uses the internet is leaving a trace! Our training at JC Insite Ltd will provide you with the skills to know how and where to find it and if necessary to capture it in an evidential format for Court purposes.
For further information please call for an informal chat, visit our website or email
*Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources.[1] In the intelligence community (IC), the term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources); it is not related to open-source software or public intelligence.
marineSOLUTIONSis a leading provider of survey, consultancy and management services for the marine industry.
We are based in Turgutreis, Turkey and we travel often as far as the Western Mediterranean and the Red Sea. We handle all kinds of marine issues, condition surveys, insurability issues, rig surveys, incidents, thefts and losses in a proactive, comprehensive and effective manner.
Our survey team is led by the two owners, Yusuf, a boatyard and repair management professional with a scientific background, and Naci, a captain with some salt behind his ears and with extensive experience in the North Atlantic, the Med, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
Staff surveyors Cem, a materials engineer and Tufan, a naval architect, are both experienced in condition assessment and in damages of motor yachts and sailing craft.
All our surveyors are proud members of IAMI Europe. Yusuf is a CMI and is member of the European Steering Committee and the CMI Committee of IAMI.
We are supported by two office staff, Idil and Bahar. Between us, we can tap into more than 80 years of hands-on experience in handling, managing and servicing commercial and pleasure marine craft as well as salvage, surveying, project management, claims management and
Our target is personal service combined with outstanding quality. With every commission, large or small, we aim to meet and exceed expectations.
On the shop floor, our technology is up to date and our prices are competitive. We take pride in the added value we create - our clients benefit from the difference we make.
Yusuf Civelekoglu
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