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Chairman’s Message
Dear Friends,
This year has been a very busy year for most, i have seen many complex cases between you, some serious accidents and some high value losses.
The Riga conference is now a distant memory for most of us whilst some of us cant remember a thing!!
We met some great new contacts and friends in Riga, took on some new members from various different countries.
I think i can speak for everyone that the quality of speakers and trainers was impeccable!, although we cover some of the speaker costs they all give up their personal time for us, without them we would not have a conference.
As important are our Sponsors and exhibitors, they support us throughout the year leading upto the conference and for the duration, a huge thankyou to you guys for your support both personally, professionally and financially.
I maintain whilst we can we will always strive to keep your attendance costs as members to an absolute minimum.
We all had an amazing time in Riga, the hotel and staff was fantastic and picturesque, the food was amazing both in the hotel and at the Gala, it was a great conference and it was fantastic to see all of you again.
Personal thanks go out to our friends from the USA who travelled across the pond to join us.
Your steering committee will continue to work hard and we as a team will meet early January 2016 to decide and plan your 2016 conference.
Please do your best for IAMI by inviting and recommending new members to join us in our organisation.
If anyone needs anything in the meantime please dont hesitate to contact Christina who is always ready to attend to your needs.
That just leaves me on behalf of the European steering committee to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Kind regards,
Simon Lofting
IAMI Europe Chairman.
ffour members Thanks for you continued support

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