Page 10 - IAMI Review Magazine September - December 2015
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Profile Aware, the UK’s leading experts in Behavioural Detection and Credibility Assessment will be running a two day seminar at London Stansted Airport in early 2016 exclusively for IAMI members. The aim of the seminar is to introduce the latest thinking in investigative interviewing and detecting deception. The interactive sessions address the following questions:
• What techniques and approaches can you use to elicit tangible evidence?
• How do you work with subjects from different cultural backgrounds?
• How do you persuade an obstructive interviewee to cooperate?
• How do you identify possible areas of deception from an initial interview?
• What techniques can you use to confirm or refute areas of suspicion?
• How can you form a reliable final assessment about guilt or innocence?
The seminar uses a case study approach to address these questions and highlight the latest thinking and best practice in these areas. The sessions are delivered by knowledgeable investigators and psychologists who have extensive experience in the law enforcement and intelligence communities. The seminar will be based near London Stansted Airport in March 2016 and runs to lunch time on the second day.
fThe cost for the training will be a special discounted rate for IAMI members of £450.00 If you are interested in attending this event, please email Richard Foreman at f

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