Datatag Machinery Guide

The theft of construction plant and agricultural machinery costs an estimated £1 million every week in the UK and potentially €4.5 billion across Europe each year. Police officers and law enforcement agencies often find it difficult to locate the correct identity of a stolen and recovered machine due to the wide range of manufacturers and machinery types.

This machinery guide is available for download as a PDF document, by filling in the online form across. A link to download the PDF will be emailed to you, which can then be viewed on a smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), iPad, laptop or PC. Please make sure all the fields are completed as we are unable to complete your registration otherwise.

It is only available exclusively to all police officers, law enforcement agencies and port authorities to help easily locate the correct VIN/identification numbers on the UK's 17 most stolen machines.

This handbook provides information on:

  • Generic model names
  • Manufacturer's model range and usual OEM colour for the manufacturer
  • Similar manufacturer(s) model makes
  • General use of the specific machine i.e. Construction and/or Farming
  • Manufacturers contact information
  • Confirmation of date started of factory/retro fit of the Official CESAR and Datatag Systems / Technologies.

The stolen equipment database can be accessed by Police by calling Datatag on
(0)3 450 700 440 - 24 hours a day - or email:

Datatag's Police Liaison & Training staff are there to help you.

Email to request the guide.

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